The report on the activity of all-Russian public organization «Assistance in prevention and treatment of arterial hypertension «ANTIHYPERTENSIVE LEAGUE» for the year 2010

In December 2009 on the regular congress of the Organization Alexandra Olegovna Konradi was elected the President of all-Russian public organization «ANTIHYPERTENSIVE LEAGUE». In the year 2010 the League was carrying out its activity under her leadership and herewith is reporting about the results of the work for the year 2010:

-          Publishing of the scientific-practical journal «Arterial hypertension» has been continued.

In the year 2010 the journal affirmed its place in the list of editions, recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission.

Circulation of the journal –  5000 copies.

Periodicity – 6 times per year.

Chief editor – Evgeny Vladimirovich Shlyakhto – doctor of medical sciences, professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, honored science worker of the Russian Federation, chief cardiologist of the Federal Agency on the Public Health and Social Development in the Northwestern Federal District, Vise-president of the all-Russian Scientific Society of Cardiologists, the Founder and the First President of all-Russian public organization «ANTIHYPERTENSIVE LEAGUE».

-          The web-site of the Organization ( began to function.

During the year 2010 the web-site has been visited by more than 20 000 unique users. The web-site reports on the activity of the Organization, on the current and planned events. Moreover, it contains some sections, which give members of the League and visitors of the site the opportunity to use some additional services. For example:

Internet-version of the journal «Arterial hypertension» :

Electronic version of the journal «Arterial hypertension» provides visitors with extended version of the published edition, with opportunity to work with site data efficiently, as well as with the following services:

-          The archive of all available editions of the journal «Arterial hypertension» and publishing of new issues of the journal;

-          Publishing of the materials, which has not been included into the published version of the journal;

-          Opportunity for on-line provision of the materials for publishing in the magazine.

Section «The history of medicine» on the web-site:

The rubric is headed by L.A.Sorokina, candidate of historical sciences, head of the Scientific-Research Sector «History of medicine» of the Federal State Institution «Federal Center of the heart, blood and endocrinology named by V.A.Almazov». In the section the following materials are published:

-          Personalities section – information on prominent medicine workers , their biographies, achievements, stages of the career;

-          Medical Petersburg – section, containing historical materials on one of the most important medical centers in Russia – Saint-Petersburg;

-          Section, devoted to the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory – historical information on the heroic deed of the medical workers during the Great Patriotic War.

This section is popular among the students of medical institutes of higher education as well as among the interested audience.

Section «For doctors» on the web-site:

The section contains theme materials on the events, taking place in the Russian Federation and abroad, concerning the problems with the heart, blood and vessels diseases.

Scientific works of doctors and students are regularly published.

-          Public city activities «Healthy heart» have been conducted

In the year 2010 a number of public city events «Healthy heart» has been conducted. The events are aimed at detection cardiovascular system risk factors and take place in the most populated areas of the city (central streets, supermarkets, museums and so on).

During such events any of those who wish with a help of express-tests can determine if he or she has cardiovascular system risk factors and get informed about the measures for the prevention of such diseases.

Events are conducted by the doctors, members of the all-Russian public organization «ANTIHYPERTENSIVE LEAGUE».

The Saint-Petersburg Committee for Public Health, the Saint-Petersburg district administrations and the City Medical Prevention Center expressed approval and support for these events.

-          The joint work with Saint-Petersburg administrative districts has been launched

The collaboration of the League with Saint-Petersburg administrative districts has been launched. «The program of the conduction of unorganized population groups screening examinations and activities on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases in Krasnogvardeysky district of Saint-Petersburg for the year 2010» has been successfully carried out.

The collaboration with the deputies of the Saint-Petersburg Legislative Assembly has been successfully launched.  «ANTIHYPERTENSIVE LEAGUE», being a public organization, takes part in the coordination of succession programs on rendering medical assistance between outpatients’ district centers and large high-tech medical institutions.

-          Published information materials has been prepared

For specialists:

Brochure «Arterial hypertension: portrait gallery of the 18th-20th centuries» – practical edition for doctors, medical analysis of the paintings of great painters has been produced. Circulation – 5 000 copies.

For patients:

Information materials for patients, aimed at prevention of arterial hypertension and the propagation of healthy lifestyle among Russians in all towns and cities, where regional departments of the League exist, has been elaborated.

-          Studies «Schools for cardiological patient» have been conducted

The doctors, members of all-Russian public organization «ANTIHYPERTENSIVE LEAGUE», conduct free of charge studies «Schools for cardiological patient» for residents of all districts of Saint-Petersburg.

-          Special activities has been organized

In the year 2010 all-Russian public organization «ANTIHYPERTENSIVE LEAGUE» took part and was organizing different activities, aimed at improvement of professional skills among doctors in the sphere of treatment, diagnostics and prevention of arterial hypertension.

-          On the 7th of December 2010, in the framework of the V Congress (XI Conference) of the Society of Heart Failure Specialists (SHFS) the joint session of the SHFS and all-Russian public organization «ANTIHYPERTENSIVE LEAGUE» took place. The theme of the joint event was – «From arterial hypertension to heart failure: complicated and unsolved problems of the prevention and treatment». Chairman of the session: professor V.S.Moiseev, professor E.V.Shlyakhto.

-          24-26 November 2010, Organization took part in the 3rd Congress of cardiologists from Privolzhsky Federal district «Cardiology of Privolzhsky Federal district – opportunities and perspectives».

All-Russian public organization «ANTIHYPERTENSIVE LEAGUE» was represented by its Founder, director of the Federal State Institution «Federal Center of the heart, blood and endocrinology named by V.A.Almazov», doctor of medical sciences, professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences E.V.Shlyakhto and President of the League, deputy director of the Almazov Center on scientific-research work, professor, doctor of medical sciences A.O.Konradi.

On the Congress the results of the latest researches in cardiology, modern aspects of the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and complications, as well as issues of prevention and diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases were being discussed.

-          25-27 October 2010, «ANTIHYPERTENSIVE LEAGUE» took part in organization of the 2nd working meeting «Cardiovascular risk factors and cardiometabolic phenotyping in cohort researches» between the Center named by V.A.Almazov and the Institute of Human Nutrition (Potsdam, Germany). The problems, connected with metabolic syndrome and obesity, as well as issues of nutrition, physical activity and chronic stress were being discussed during the meeting.

-          26-30 September 2010, Vancouver, Canada, the 23rd Scientific Congress of the International Arterial Hypertension Society took place. The symposia and sessions paid special attention to the improvement of control of cardiovascular diseases and mortality in developing countries. Members of the League presented 6 reports during the Congress. President of the Organization A.O.Konradi was a chairwoman on the symposium «Everything about salt» and presented a report on the role of marinobufagenin in the developing of salt sensitivity among the patients with resistant arterial hypertension.