On the occasion of its 25th Scientific Meeting (Hypertension Athens 2014), which will be held in Athens, Greece from 13th to 16th June 2014 ( the ISH with the collaboration and generous support of corporate sponsors, is pleased to announce the following awards. In addition to the prestige associated with each of the awards, they each comprise a monetary amount to recognise the excellence of the awardees.

isnThe International Society of Hypertension offers entirely free Research Fellowships; membership designed for graduate students and postdoctoral research fellows. This is a special opportunity for any young researcher or clinical scientist undertaking a higher degree to enhance their CV and gain all the benefits of the ISH New Investigator Network - again at no cost.

The World Stroke Organization (WSO) and its members declare the beginning of preparation for World Stroke Day.


At the end of summer Committee of the World Sleep Day summarized results of the Best Event Contest dedicated to this day. Among all participants from the whole world 10 teams were chosen. And 4 elected delegates from these teams were awarded. Joint team from somnology group of the Federal Almazov Medical Centre (delegate – Lyudmila Korostovtseva) and their colleagues from Moscow (delegate – I. Zavalko). Chairmen of the Executive Committee of the World Sleep Day, Dr. Antonio Culebras (USA) and Dr. Liborio Parrino (Italy), particularly noted translated into Russian 10 rules of healthy sleep WASM, interactive lectures for school students and entertaining programme for children.

On May 17-26 many countries realize preventive and social programmes within the World Hypertension Day. In Russia the issue of propagation about symptoms, diagnostic techniques and treatment of hypertension is important as well. On these days Russian cardiologists take patients, talk to them and tell about main principles of prevention the stroke, cardiovascular and renal diseases caused by the high blood pressure. Leaflets with advices on self-diagnostic of stroke were spread. These brochures consist information about symptoms that could easily find out whether one has poor vessels and needs to get medical assistance. Also, there were leaflets "Way to a healthy heart" with some sumple rules to gain healthy and strong heart.